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TSMaster Small Features - How to import external libraries for Python applets?


Today we are going to introduce how to import external libraries in TSMaster feature of Python applet. It is introduced by importing external libraries under the default parser path of TSMaster so that we can go to use Python external libraries.Installing external libraries under TSMaster's default Python parser.

01 Step 1

Select Open Parser Path in TSMaster Tools->System Information->python Environment Settings;

02 Step 2

Type cmd in this file path to open the command line;

03 Step 3

In this path, use the command Python -m pip install to install external libraries. We install the pandas library and the openpyxl library to test writing text to excel;

04 Step 4

Tested using the keystroke events of the Python applet in TSMaster, using the pandas library to write a piece of data to excel.

05 Step 5

After running the program, press A to launch the key event, and then open the excel file under the path "C:\Users\yujia\Desktop\test.xlsx" to observe that the data has been successfully written.

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