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Sharing | A minute to take you to understand the TSMaster small program editing code intelligent prompt function


This article brings you the new features of TSMaster applet editing, which mainly include: code editing smart tip function, available external code editor to edit applet code and synchronization.

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Code Editor for TSMaster

Code Intelligent Alert Function

Co-editing applet code with an external code editor

I. TSMaster's Code Editor

TSMaster software has built-in C applet and python applet, you can edit C or python code in the applet, which is convenient for developers to automate the operation of Homestar hardware and TSMaster, as shown in Figure 1-3.

Second, the code intelligent prompt function

In TSMaster built-in code editor, there are many TSMaster customized data types and functions for data read/write and hardware operation. These special data types and functions can be viewed in the TSMaster Header Files and Functions section, but developers who are not familiar with these data types and functions need to view and search the header files frequently, which will reduce the development efficiency.TSMaster Adds Smart Code Hints to Code Editor in Version V2023.9.22The developer can easily improve the efficiency of the development.

TSMaster's code editor now supports code hints for data types specific to TSMaster header files. For example, if you use TCAN to define a CAN message structure named msg for a frame, you will be automatically hinted in the code editor for the individual data and functions contained in the structure, as shown in Figure 4.

The same code editor also supports intelligent complementation and entry parameter hints for unique functions, as shown in Figure 5.

TSMaster's code editor not only supports smart hints and completions for self-specific data types and functions, but also supports smart hints for data types and functions declared in global definitions. As in Figure 6-7.

Three,Co-editing applet code with an external code editor

For some developers who prefer to use a fixed code editor, TSMaster now supports co-editing with other code editors. Click this button below to edit code using an external editor. As in Figure 8.

For example, if you set a file with a cpp extension to automatically open using Visual Studio, so that clicking on it opens the code using Visual Studio, you can set the code editor you want to open automatically in Windows Settings.

After editing and saving the code in the code editor, you can see that the just edited code will appear in TSMaster's code editor. This feature makes it easy for developers to use their favorite code editor to write code in TSMaster applets.