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TOSUN Wins Second Prize in 2024 AITC Automotive Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

On April 11-12, 2024, "2024 Automotive Science and Technology Innovation and Achievement Transformation Conference" was held in Changzhou, which was jointly organized by Chinese Society of Automotive Engineering and Changzhou Municipal People's Government. The final roadshow and award ceremony of 2024 Automotive Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition were held during the same period of the conference. TOSUN won the award in Intelligent Networked Vehicle Group with the project "Automotive Electronic Basic Tool Chain with Decoupling of Software and Hardware, Rapid Iteration, and Continuous Software Definition", which stood out among the 132 excellent projects participated in the competition. The project "2024 Automotive Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" won the second prize!
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In this conference, TOSUN not only brought the latest version of TSMaster software and the latest in-vehicle Ethernet products to the exhibition, but also showed the UDS diagnosis and ECU flashing solution, CCP/XCP calibration and recording solution, FlexRay bus simulation test and verification tools, TTS test system solutions and other application demonstration cases. Among them, TSMaster software and automotive industry test solutions let the audience feel the excellent results brought by domestic industrial software.

Shanghai TOSUN Technology Ltd.

As the world's leading supplier of basic tool chain for automotive electronics, TOSUN has been plowing into the automotive industry since the beginning of its establishment, focusing on the development of automotive electronic tool chain products, up to now, the core automotive industrial software products - TSMaster and its tool chain has gained more than 5,000 enterprise users around the world, covering the OEMs, components, engineering service providers, and chip manufacturers.

The award of "China's Automotive Software Emerging Enterprises" is the industry's high recognition of domestic industrial software. Nowadays, it is hard to find a Chinese automotive electronics-related enterprise that does not use Tongxing Intelligent TSMaster software, which truly meets the needs of software-defined automobile, and is a "rapidly iterative, constantly evolving, and software-defined" basic productivity tool. The TSMaster software truly fits the needs of the software-defined automobile today.