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Quarterly Review | Review of Top Articles by TOSUN for Q1 2024

The first quarter of 2024 is the season of winter and spring, as well as the time of yearly change. The first quarter of TOSUN also ushered in a new chapter of enterprise development. Reviewing the popular articles of TOSUN in the first quarter that triggered widespread attention in the industry, we can see that for the current wave of automotive intelligent network connection, the domesticated automotive electronic tool chain products are getting more and more attention. In the first quarter, we shared articles on company dynamics, technical dry goods, exhibition activities, etc., let's review together!

Top 5 Most Popular Articles

With the continuous development of the business of TOSUN, the team scale is expanding, the original Shanghai Jiading District Tongji University National University Science and Technology Park (Cao'an Highway No. 4801) space is limited, Shanghai with Shanghai TOSUN Technology Ltd. on March 29, 2024 officially moved into the Shanghai automotive industry concentration - Shanghai Jiading International Enterprise Harbor Phase II. This relocation is the new starting point of TOSUN full of hope, is the sign of TOSUN enterprising and thriving, which not only represents that our team is expanding rapidly, but also foretells the bright prospects for future development!
TSMaster, a software-hardware decoupled, rapidly iterative, and constantly software-defined homegrown industrial software, maintains a weekly update frequency and has penetrated global automotive industry companies. At the beginning of 2024, a large-scale functional update was carried out! Not only was the software fully optimized, but the toolbox modules, simulation modules, and bus analysis modules were also updated.
The TH7011 is a tamper meter for conformance testing of CAN/CAN FD buses, mainly for digital tampering. When performing the conformance test, a simple test setup based on the host computer is all that is required, without additional special cables and CAN interfaces.
TSMaster is a domestic automotive electronics basic tool chain software tool developed by TOSUN, providing users with nearly 90% functions for free. The global enterprise users have exceeded 5,000, covering the whole process of automobile vehicle and parts R&D, testing, production, testing and after-sales. TOSUN follows the development trend of the automotive industry and has been committed to bringing the latest products and technological innovations to the automotive industry. Our technical experts will introduce TSMaster software and key functional applications on March 12 through online live broadcast.
From March 20th to 22nd, Automotive Testing & Quality Monitoring Korea 2024 was successfully held in Korea International Expo Center, with more than 300 exhibitors gathering together for the industry feast. As a global leading automotive electronics basic tool chain enterprise, TOSUN appeared in this exhibition, with its core product TSMaster, the latest products and solutions, which received high attention from the participants and industry insiders.

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