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Software Update | TSMaster 2024 Latest Version Useful Functions Updates, Favorites Don't Get Lost!

TSMaster, a software-hardware decoupled, rapidly iterative, and constantly software-defined homegrown industrial software, maintains a weekly update frequency and has penetrated global automotive industry companies. At the beginning of 2024, a large-scale functional update was carried out! Not only has the software been fully optimized, but the toolbox modules, simulation modules, bus analysis modules and more have been updated. Take a look!

Software update method

  1.  Click "Help" - "Check for Updates" in the existing software to update the software to the latest version;
  2. Download the software installation package at:

I. Toolbox-related updates

❖|New Features

1. New tool module: GW2112 for configuring co-star gateway devices

2. New tool module: blf data processing module for BLF data cutting, merging, exporting Excel, csv data files according to the configuration conditions.

Functional Upgrades

1. Toolkit support for multi-threading and multi-language
2. Toolkit supports exporting applet libraries for automatic installation when importing in a new TSMaster project.
3. Stand-alone Python IDE for general-purpose application development

4. Python Toolkit source code can be compiled into pyd format to protect the source code

II. API-related updates

❖|New Features

1. Added UDP fragment processing APIs.

2. New API for Ethernet BLF and ASC format conversion
3. Increased Socket-related API interfaces

4. Increase the API interface related to TTS boards.
5. Increase the DBC file related to the TTS board.

Functional Upgrades

1. API-added periodic messages become more precise
2. New APIs for form manipulation: show, hide, toggle MDI, set position

III. Updates related to the simulation page

Functional Upgrades

1. Automatic extraction and processing of CAN FD/CAN E2E/RC checksums from DBCs
Configure the message control sequence

2. Automatically extracts FlexRay E2E/CRC/RC checksums from Fibex and Arxml databases and supports automatic updating of FlexRay messages.

3. Panel TPnl files can be dragged directly into the TSMaster window.
4. System variable configuration files can be dragged directly into the TSMaster window.
5. The Panel API supports clearing the contents of any panel control.

IV. Updates related to bus analysis

Functional Upgrades

1. The graphic curve can accurately display sporadic anomalous signal points among a large number of signal points.

2. The CAN message information distinguishes between standard and extended frames with the same identifier.
3. Bus playback post-processing now supports LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet

4. The period of the signal can be monitored directly in the graphic curve and arbitrary expressions are supported.
5. The Message Trace window supports the display of message data in the form of strings.

V. Diagnosis-related updates

❖|New Features

1. New VBF data format support, including the extraction of brush data, header file signature information, software version information, product information, etc. automatically extracted and converted into system variables.
2. New data address mapping mechanism to remap data file write/flush addresses.

3. New data file splitting mechanism allows users to configure larger data files into multiple smaller data files for scrubbing.

VI. New features in other modules

❖|Added TTS Chassis Module

1. Adapted to TTS91011, TTS9015, TTS9034, TTS9026 and other chassis boards, covering digital input/output, analog input/output, interference, resistance and other requirements.
2. New Excel test case authoring module

❖|New Map Display Module

1. Support GPS data position display and route mapping