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The 2nd Commercial Vehicle Autonomous Driving Conference 2022 and China Automotive Digital Transformation Conference

01 2022 The 2nd Commercial Vehicle Autonomous Driving Conference


Under the pressure of "double carbon" strategy and market sales, commercial vehicles are facing many challenges. The technology upgrade of commercial vehicles is developing in the direction of energy saving, automation, light weight and comfort, among which new energy power, hybrid power, automatic driving and light weight materials are key applications and research.

The 2nd Commercial Vehicle Autonomous Driving Conference will be held on September 20-21 at the Rui Li Hotel in Shanghai Auto City, hosted by Gaixin. TOSUN will participate in this conference as an exhibitor, and we welcome you to visit our booth to exchange ideas and guidance!

02 2022 China Automotive Digital Transformation Conference


The 2022 China Automotive Digital Transformation Conference will be held in Shanghai on September 22nd, organized by Gaijin Automotive. The conference invites outstanding representatives from various automotive industries to discuss the seminar on "Automotive Digital Transformation".

We are honored to be invited to participate in the conference. We will share our hardware and software products in the automotive bus tool chain industry, and show our software usage instructions.

03 Exhibit Introduction

The company's core product "TSMaster - virtual instrument software and hardware platform", in the industrial basic software track to solve the vehicle communication simulation, test, diagnosis, calibration subdivision "stuck neck "The problem of

- 1/2/4 Channel CAN FD/CAN to USB Tool

- 1/2/6 channel LIN to USB tool

- 3/6/9 Channel CAN FD/CAN to Ethernet Tool

- Multichannel Flexray/CAN FD to USB tool

- Multi-Channel In-Vehicle Ethernet/CAN FD to USB Tool

- In-vehicle Ethernet media conversion tool (T1 to Tx)

04 About TOSUN


Since its establishment, TOSUN has taken "helping engineers solve engineering problems with reliable products, reasonable prices and perfect services" as its mission and "Engineer everthing to solve all engineering problems! is the vision. At present, it has become a leading enterprise in the domestic replacement of automotive bus EDA tool chain. Its core product TSMaster software and supporting hardware equipment, product functions cover the whole process of the automotive industry chain, such as embedded code automatic generation, bus design, simulation, testing, diagnosis, calibration, after-sales service, etc. Currently, customers cover the automotive industry OEMs, parts suppliers, engineering service providers; semiconductor companies, engineering machinery, aerospace, defense and military industries.